Spirent GSS9000 offers the ability to simulate signals from all GNSS and regional navigation systems
April 1, 2014 Business

Spirent Federal Systems, the leading US provider of navigation and positioning test solutions to the government and its contractors, announced today the introduction of Spirent GSS9000 Multi-Frequency, Multi-GNSS RF Constellation Simulator. The GSS9000 offers a new benchmark in performance, capability and flexibility that includes the ability to simulate signals from all GNSS and regional navigation systems.

The GSS9000 offers new levels of performance, enabled by a four-fold increase in RF signal iteration rate (SIR) over Spirent’s current GSS8000 product. The GSS9000 SIR is 1000Hz (1ms), enabling higher dynamic simulations with even more accuracy and fidelity. It also includes support for restricted and classified signals from the GPS and Galileo systems as well as advanced capabilities for ultra-high dynamics. The GSS9000 can evaluate resilience of navigation systems to interference and spoofing attacks.

GSS9000 has the flexibility to reconfigure constellations, channels and frequencies, between test runs or test cases. In addition, the GSS9000 has been designed to be backward compatible, enabling the use of existing test cases and remote control/motion from existing Spirent simulators. Hardware changes can now be done in the field, supported by the new on-board calibrator module.

The GSS9000 is extensible and can support the widest range of carriers, ranging codes and data streams for the GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and BeiDou GNSS systems as well as regional/augmentation systems. Multi-antenna/multi-vehicle simulation, for differential-GNSS and attitude determination, and interference/jamming and spoofing testing are also supported.

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GSS 9000 has been reviewed and granted a security approval by the Global Positioning Systems Directorate.

About Spirent Federal Systems

Spirent Federal Systems ( was formed in July 2001 by Spirent Communications as a wholly owned subsidiary and United States proxy company. Spirent Federal markets and sells products in the US with value-added features and ongoing customer support. Spirent Federal Systems is headquartered in Pleasant Grove, Utah, with support and sales offices throughout the US.

About Spirent’s Positioning Technology Division

Spirent is the world’s leading provider of GNSS test and simulation systems. In this capacity, Spirent is the first choice of major manufacturers, integrators, test facilities and space agencies worldwide for GNSS testing and simulation solutions. Today, Spirent simulation systems are used throughout the world through a broad range of clients in more than 30 countries across five continents and in over 50 governmental agencies. Spirent delivers navigation and positioning testing equipment and services to all sectors of the navigation and positioning community, from government agencies through to emerging commercial markets.

About Spirent Communications plc

Spirent Communications ( is a global provider of integrated performance analysis and service assurance systems that enable the development and deployment of next-generation networking technology such as Internet telephony, broadband services, 3G wireless, global navigation satellite systems, and network security equipment. Spirent Communications’ solutions are used by more than 1,700 customers in 30 countries, including the world’s largest equipment manufacturers, service providers, enterprises and governments. Based in Sunnyvale, CA, Spirent Communications has 1,500 employees worldwide.

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