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How We Use Mobiles & Facebook: Men and Women use social media differently – Women Play More Games, Men Use QR Codes
April 2, 2014 HUGE NEWS

Do you know that men and women use smartphones in a completely different way?  Men prefer quick access to deals, women prefer brands, paid ads likely don’t work as well on women and they also tend to ignore mobile ads.

You’d expect that men will play mobile games more often, but according to recent studies 10% more women than men use their phones for gaming. Women also outnumber men in social media usage and taking photos and videos with their mobiles.

So what other interesting facts did we find?

  • More men than women believe they can find love online
  • 56% of men (and only 39% of women) scan QR codes
  • Women send text messages more often than men

This project is actually a follow-up on our previous infographic about how women rule the social media:

Details of the infographic and the findings:

Social media and mobile use give us a treasure hoard of insights about our general habits as a community. So it’s only inevitable that we find numerous surveys about the two platforms based on one of the most popular categories: gender difference. These converging platforms are considered to be one of the biggest disruptive trends, as trivial as changing society’s shopping habits and critical as changing government through popular revolutions. And as in real life, men and women differ in using social media and their mobile devices.

Apparently, the gender difference revolves around three distinct areas: our personal and professional relationships, the need for information and entertainment, and consumer behavior. On that note, we prepared this infographic based on those parameters for a broader look at how men and women differ. There are distinct variances. For instance, men are more likely to use social media for business and dating, while women for relationships, sharing, entertainment, and self-help.

Surprisingly, women ignore paid advertising more often than men. This makes sense because women in general are more conscious of their social circle and ads are intrusive strangers. Moreover, women seem to use their smartphones in more ways than men.  Here’s a mini-shocker: women play games in their smartphones 10% more often than men. In fact, women dominate men in almost all the top smartphone activities, such as, visit websites, download apps (surprise!), messaging, text, and camera use.

social media use by gender

See complete details and the full infographic HERE

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