With new satellite in space, India to get ‘Desi GPS’
April 4, 2014 AroundtheWeb

Sriharikota:  The Indian space agency made history today by launching the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle or PSLV successfully 25 times in a row, bringing India one step closer to its own global positioning system or the ‘desi’ GPS. The 44 meter, 320 ton, PSLV rocket successfully lifted off into the sky at 5.14 PM from Sriharikota and 19 minutes later accurately placed India’s second navigation satellite in space.  A jubilant K Radhakrishnan, the ISRO Chairman, said, “PSLV in its 25th successive successful flight precisely injected India’s second regional navigation satellite.”  The satellite navigation system will be a fleet of seven satellites that help provide precise locations within 20 meters. The ‘desi GPS’ will be similar in function to the American Global Positioning System (GPS) but regional in coverage.

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