Google Glass gets Livestream app, lets users stream video directly

Livestream, the video streaming startup, has announced the launch of its new Livestream Google Glass application at the National Association of Broadcasters show.The Livestream application for Google Glass now lets users launch the streaming with just a voice command (Ok Glass: Livestream) and a click of a button on the Glass. It is the first third-party app developed to specifically livestream video from Glass. Previously, Glass featured a live video streaming platform via Google Hangouts. The Livestream app also allows the user (while shooting the stream) to interact with the people following the stream. It lets them comment and user can see a pop up at the bottom of Glass. User can also post the stream directly to their Facebook Feed while creating it. The app also allows Glass wearers to stream video directly to their Livestream channel and the company says that it will soon work within Livestream’s existing broadcast architecture.

Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 10.16.23 AM

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