MapQuest Aims For Reboot With New Content, Partners, UI

A few years ago, while others were investing in their mapping platforms, AOL was coasting with MapQuest. AOL’s sustained neglect of the online mapping pioneer cost the site its leadership in digital maps. Now the company hopes to claw its way back with new content and functionality in what was described to me as phase one of a new multiphase rollout.Call it a reboot. Although the site has had several false starts in trying to do that over the past couple of years (e.g., MQVibe). Despite this, MapQuest’s strong brand has kept the AOL division from falling off — dare I say it — the map. Other than perhaps The Huffington Post, MapQuest is AOL’s strongest and most enduring brand. Frankly I have always been mystified by AOL’s apparent ambivalence about MapQuest.

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