Loc-Aid ‘Life360’ Demo Uses A Person’s Phone GPS To Determine Their Location: Website Takes Location Services Used By Google, Facebook, And Twitter To Another Level
April 20, 2014 AroundtheWeb

Your cellphone is becoming smarter everyday, but could it help parents find their lost children? It certainly could, and thanks to a website, this technology is becoming available to more and more people.It’s called Life360 and it’s available from the company Loc-Aid. Right now, there’s a free demo online at On the site, you can type in anyone’s cellphone number and get their precise location instantly. It works by using your phone’s GPS signal and the position of cellular towers. It works better in urban areas with more towers, than rural areas with less towers. But, what if someone doesn’t want their location known? Everyone gets a text message asking to agree to share their location. They can opt-in or opt-out to the service.

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