Teens, Social Media and the School System: Misunderstood or Toxic Relationship?

The education system has its flaws. You don’t have to be a researcher to know that. Am I biased? Of course I am, but so is everyone else who has ever been to school.The education we have in this country is incredible compared to some countries that don’t. I am not disregarding them; I have the perspective of a student who has had the luxury of going to school my entire life and a pretty good one at that. Schools all over the world have flaws. Some are small but some are quite substantial. Some of these bigger issues I believe are not being handled in a way that will either help prevent them or aid in the prevention of them. The main thing I question is our school system’s reaction to teens/tweens on the Internet and what they share publicly.

I feel that the restrictions schools put on our expression over the Internet are misguided. Do I believe that school systems totally understand the age of technology that us, millennials, live in? No, but that is not their fault. Just like we wouldn’t fully understand some of the major issues of their generation, they aren’t going to understand ours. I am not saying the reason behind their rules and guidelines are wrong, I’m saying I don’t know if it is handled in a way that will have any impact.

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