Watch Out Twitter And Google+, Facebook’s News Feed Is Getting Smarter And Smarter

This end-of-Facebook talk is way premature. Despite reports that young people are spurning the social network, other indicators point to rising engagement levels among its 1.3 billion users. As of the end of March, 63% of those users login on any given day and 50% are on six days a week. Facebook stock turned a corner early in 2013 and has barely looked back.The stock is mainly responding to sharply rising ad revenue, especially in mobile. Facebook had 6% of worldwide digital ad revenue in 2013 (expected to rise to 7% in 2014) and 15% of worldwide mobile ad revenue (expected to rise to 22% in 2014.) Advertisers, in turn, are responding to the rising engagement stats that Facebook is claiming. Will Oremus of Slate interviewed Facebook’s product management director for its newsfeed, Will Cathcart, who says the secret behind those gains is machine learning and lots and lots of user testing.

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