World’s Smallest Mobile Phone with GPS Tracker for Kids Raises $100,000 in 7 Days on Kickstarter

World’s Smallest Mobile Phone Will Now go into Production — Tinitell Wearable Wristphone with GPS Tracker for Kids Raises $100,000 in 7 Days on Kickstarter

Tinitell (, a Swedish mobile technology startup, needed only 7 days on crowd-funding site Kickstarter to reach the goal of $100,000 to start manufacturing of the world’s smallest mobile phone:

Instead of adding more expensive smartphones to the household, parents who want to be able to reach their kids are now presented with a new type of mobile phone, the wristphone. Mats Horn, the founder and inventor of Tinitell, decided to create a wearable and well-designed mobile phone for kids that also allows for GPS positioning.

“I’m so happy to be able to say that Tinitell reached its funding goal so quickly. We love Tinitell and getting the approval from the Kickstarter crowd-funding community is humbling, to say the least. We can now begin to have the first batches of Tinitell’s produced,” says Mats Horn, founder and CEO of Tinitell.

Tinitell, which is the world’s smallest wearable phone designed for kids, is operated through the click of a button or via voice recognition. The more advanced features have been moved into the accompanying Tinitell smartphone app for parents, which can also be used to geo-locate one or several kids. Initial market reactions celebrate the design and simplicity:

“Tinitell has gotten a great reception by both early adopters and parents around the world, and many call this ‘the product they’ve been waiting for’. It has also sparked controversy. Parents debate at what age we should connect with our children to connected technology,” says Mats Horn.

Tinitell comes in a variety of colors and the expected retail price is $179, but on crowd-funding site Kickstarter, the price starts at $99. The design is created by a team of Scandinavian industrial designers, and is also made to appeal to grown-ups seeking a basic wristphone for rugged outdoor activities, as well as to the elderly and disabled.

“Lots of potential venture capitalists, angel investors and telecom operators have reached out to us in the last few days. We have yet to initiate any specific discussions, but we will absolutely be exploring our partner strategy further,” says Mats Horn.

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Tinitell is a Scandinavian designed and engineered mobile phone, and we have intentionally stripped it down to feature only the most basic functions. Our philosophy: It should perform well and look cool – without being too pricey. The company was founded in 2013.