Snapchat settles FTC charges of misleading on privacy

IF you market a product that’s supposed to be about privacy, you’d better deliver on that promise. That was the message the US Federal Trade Commission delivered to mobile messaging app maker Snapchat yesterday. The Los Angeles start-up agreed to settle charges that it misled consumers by telling them that messages would disappear, misrepresented its data collection practices and did not adequately protect users’ personal data. Snapchat neither admitted nor denied the accusations. According to the FTC, Snapchat promised users that messages, photos and video sent through the app would ­selfdestruct and disappear in 10 seconds or less. In fact, the commission said, recipients and outsiders could continue to ­access the messages. The FTC also said Snapchat told users it did not collect information about their location when the Android version of the app did.

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