Placeable Tip – 7 Questions to Ask Before Deploying Store Locator Software

This feature comes via the Placeable blog…

To tap into the power of hyperlocal marketing, you need the right technology to bring shoppers to your doorstep. An effective store locator and landing page solution can help you beat the competition on the street.

The primary objective of hyperlocal marketing is simple:  you want your locations to be found by customers ready to buy. You need to make it easy for customers to find you using their computers, tablets and smartphones. You have to be able to provide them with relevant information and entice them with offers. This requires you to have a flexible and comprehensive store locator platform that can keep pace with your business.

When shopping for a store locator platform for your enterprise marketing workflow, make sure it has all the right features to ensure ongoing success. Here are seven questions to consider:

  1. How accurate is the data behind it? Maintaining accurate, consistent data about multiple locations across all channels has been a challenge for marketers from the earliest days of basic website locators through the latest advanced hyperlocal marketing. Store locators need to manage addresses, geocoding, lat/longs and search logic.
  1. How does it support search engine optimization? Store locators and landing pages serve two discovery paths: consumers who navigate to your home page for location information and those who search for your locations directly from search engines like Google. For this reason, it’s critical that each location has its own landing page that is optimized for search engine visibility and is indexed by Google. An advanced store locator platform needs to keep up with the latest refinements in search algorithms and support search visibility at various levels of geography: state, city, address, ZIP code, neighborhood, local landmark, etc.

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