Infographic – Mobile Technology Is Changing The Way We Live

The usage of smartphones has risen dramatically over the past few years. Google has stated that online searches through smartphones will overtake desktop computer searches by the end of this year. Mobile access to the internet is becoming more important than ever and it is being applied to all facets of our lives.

Smartphones have changed the way we live our lives. We use them to start off our day and we use them throughout our day for both productivity reasons and to kill time. They are replacing many of what we once considered to be everyday items. Less people are reading newspapers and more people are using news apps, for example. Roughly 74% of smartphone owners say they use navigation features on their smart phones on a regular basis over using maps or asking for directions.

Mobile sites and reviews are playing an important role in the success or failure of businesses. Mobile access to the internet allows customers to look up reviews of businesses before they enter and write reviews after they have left. Mobile sites that are well designed will increase the likelihood that a potential customer will choose to do business with a particular company. 67% of mobile users were found to not view a business that has a poorly designed mobile site in a favorable light.

Mobile usage shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. It will continue to play a larger role in our lives every day and will eventually be used more often than desktop computers as the main way to connect to the internet.


How my Infographics add more visitors to your site?

How my Infographics add more visitors to your site?