Prepare to Fly Into Terminal Samsung Galaxy S5 at Heathrow

Ohmy… indeed you can expect that Samsung is going to get a TON of exposure for this move, however, many suspect the fallout and ranting on social media may be rampant – indeed a bold PR stunt!This from the Verge… Samsung’s marketing juggernaut is reaching new heights today with the announcement that Heathrow’s Terminal 5 will be rebranded for two weeks to promote the company’s flagship Galaxy S5 Android phone. Starting on Monday, every area of the terminal will feature the “Terminal Samsung Galaxy S5” moniker, with all the signage and digital screens promoting the handset and projecting images of it. Russell Taylor, Samsung’s UK marketing VP describes this as a “one-off opportunity to push the boundaries like no other brand has been allowed to do before.” A Heathrow Airport spokesperson clarifies that Samsung hasn’t bought the actual naming rights to the terminal, just an expansive ad campaign to be distributed within it. She says “Samsung want to call it Terminal Samsung Galaxy S5 and we are relaxed about that.”

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