Autonomous Technology to be Presented at the SmartAmerica Challenge Summit

WASHINGTON, DC – Applied Robotics for Installations and Base Operations (ARIBO) will be highlighted at the SmartAmerica Challenge Summit, June 11, at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center.

The summit is a culmination of a challenge aimed at uniting more than 100 organizations who dared to demonstrate the potential benefits of cyber-physical systems (CPS) technology, programs and test beds to improve safety, sustainability, efficiency, mobility and overall quality of life.  Twenty-four teams, including Team ARIBO are scheduled to present their results.

ARIBO will help change the way we transport ourselves and our goods and materials. It is a series of pilot projects that operate autonomy-enabled vehicles focused on addressing installation operational challenges, improving vehicle reliability and performance, and increasing the trust and confidence of users and non-users.

Lessons learned in ARIBO pilot projects will lead to advances in roadway safety, reduction of roadway congestion, and improved mobility and independence for those with physical challenges, such as the Wounded Warrior or the elderly.  Moreover, this technology is influencing the growth of an entire new industry, together with the jobs that will need to be done to support that industry’s growth.


“Team ARIBO’s pilot projects for the SmartAmerica Challenge are not only demonstrating how we can already use the capabilities of autonomous vehicle systems today, they are also gathering data that will help drive the capabilities of tomorrow,” said Jim Parker, TARDEC’s Associate Director of Ground Vehicle Robotics.


The technical issues which are explored and refined by ARIBO include: energy efficiency, system reliability, system endurance, vehicle-to-infrastructure communications, data transmission security, human-machine interface, obstacle avoidance, navigation and mapping, fault tolerance, and networked automated vehicle management.


Team ARIBO is a model of public-private partnership and cross-sector collaboration. ARIBO partners include:  The U.S. Army Tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center (TARDEC), Stanford University, Induct Technologies, Unicor (through Induct), University of Texas Arlington Research Institute (UTARI), West Point, Fort Bragg & Womack Army Medical Center, and Comet Consulting.


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Contact Lori Grein at: or call 586-215-9907 for interview opportunities with ARIBO partners