geoDVR is Now Available – a 4 Channel Geospatial DVR for geo-referenced full motion video

Remote GeoSystems Releases geoDVR™ – The Only Multi-channel Geospatial Digital Video Recording System Designed for Aerial Corridor Inspections, Law Enforcement/SAR Patrols and Mobile Mapping Projects

FORT COLLINS, Colorado, USA — Remote GeoSystems, Inc. is pleased to announce the official release of the geoDVR™ (Geospatial Digital Video Recorder) – a simple “plug & play” DVR for recording up to 4 channels of geo-referenced full motion video (gFMV™) in aerial and mobile mapping environments.


Connect most video cameras and gyro-stabilized gimbal systems to the geoDVR, and in minutes you are ready to start recording professional high-resolution geo-referenced video, audio and points of interest (POI).


By recording GPS metadata synced with video, the geoDVR offers powerful post-mission mapping and interactive analysis capabilities for utility & pipeline inspections, law enforcement/SAR and mobile mapping projects.


The geoDVR is a complete system with mapping software, giving subject matter experts the ability to easily review and exploit thewhere, when and what contained within the geospatial video.


Videos, photos, points of interest/waypoints and audio notes collected with the geoDVR are compatible with the Remote GeoSystemsLineVision™ suite of GIS & mapping software. LineVision allows for simple desktop playback, analysis and project packaging utilizing Google Earth, Esri ArcGIS, PLS-CADD, Bing/Open Street Maps and other third-party GIS solutions. 


The geoDVR ships preconfigured and is ready to use as a stand-alone geo-referencing DVR. Users may also access an intuitive administrative dashboard to adjust and save custom configurations and to leverage the geoDVR’s unique Single Monitor – Multi-channel Live Video Streaming capabilities.


Powerful In-mission Geospatial Recording:


  • ·         Record up to 4 channels of geo-referenced video
  • ·         Use POI/waypoint trigger to mark points of interest with audio, text and snap geo-tagged oblique still photos from the video  
  • ·         Provides real-time audible updates on system status when connected as a standalone recorder
  • ·         Monitor video streams in with the Single-Monitor – Multi-channel Live Video Streaming interface
  • ·         GPS data is permanently-embedded with the video insuring the GPS data remains intact through editing*


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About Remote GeoSystems, Inc:
Remote GeoSystems, Inc. was founded on the idea that “remotely-sensed” video, photo and other data can and should become useful enterprise information that manages risks, reduces expenses or increases revenues. All too often many digital video recorders (DVRs) lack the capability to associate GPS and other important metadata, limiting the value of the collected data. When these capabilities do exist, they frequently rely on vendor-specific solutions that require you to use only that vendor’s products and services throughout the entire process – from data collection to analysis and distribution. At Remote GeoSystems, we enable our clients with portable video mapping hardware and software to collect data and create deliverables that work with a variety of camera systems and third-party GIS/CAD software. Learn more by visiting


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