Five of the Best Mobile Apps in Finding Local Deals

A 2012 Mashable report showed that 75% of American mobile users plan to use their device for online shopping, 42% intend to purchase big and small ticket items, and 32% are inclined in using mobile mobile apps. The data also reported that 73% of the respondents were satisfied or very satisfied with their smartphone shopping experiences, while 69% said they prefer their tablets when shopping.

In the perspective of entrepreneurs, marketers from Let’s Get Wise (@letsgetwise) tweeted one of their blog articles outlining the power of mobile device to drive sales. It was supported by the latest Deloitte Media Survey revealing that £15 billion ($25 billion) of sales was driven by information found on smartphone in the United Kingdom alone. It generates online and offline sales. For the consumers, its convenience is said to influence our decision when purchasing.

In this post, we’ll feature five mobile applications that will assist you in finding the best local deals.

1.   Groupon

Groupon uses GPS to determine your location and find the nearest deals. Launching it introduces the deal of the day from 70 cities, which is available for a limited time. To purchase, you need to sign up with Groupon. Within the app, you can purchase the deal of the day by typing your credit card information. Take note, however, that you must read the fine print to know the deal’s cancellation policy and limits.


2.   Yelp

Yelp provides detailed information and reviews of businesses. You can instantly know if a store is open or not, get instructions, and see photos of available products. In finding affordable deals, the dashboard displays a constant search button at the top, seating beside the Nearby and Check-Ins. Under the Nearby tab, you can filter deals based on categories such as nightlife locations and new stores. The Check-Ins tab is used wisely to yield more deals. When you check in a specific store, local businesses can offer discounts and freebies as perks.

3.   Foursquare

Foursquare is being lauded by mobile shoppers for its ability to earn special deals, on top of checking into locations and sharing buying tips. To use it, you need to log in with your account, or use your Facebook info for an extra quick set up. To save money, Foursquare offers three types of specials, which you can unlock to score great and cheap deals. First is the Newbie Special, which is given to you in your first log in. Next is the Check-in Special, which you can accumulate every time you tag the place when you visit. Lastly, the Loyalty Special is given to you if you checked in a store more than once.

4.   Living Social

Similar to Groupon, Living Social is an app that provides incentives for sharing deals. Once an account is set up, deals will be sent to you daily, plus notifications on the outstanding deals from neighboring areas. If you’re going on a vacation, there’s the Escapes category, which gives discounts on packages for theme parks, resorts, and beaches. You can email or tweet these deals to your friends for added fun. If three of them decided to sign up, you can avail an additional deal for free. All of these are stored and retrievable from your My Vouchers list.

5.   Saviry

Saviry may not be the most technologically advanced app, but it still shows last minute deals, latest coupons, and freebies. It even alarms you when your favorite brand or store goes on sale. Opening the app launches the day’s hot deals, based on your interests. If you love electronics, the day’s deals will give a rundown of phones, apps, and video games. Freebies are things you can actually use, such as clothing from American Apparel, while coupons can be a 25% discount from Hollister or $100 off your total bill from Office Depot.


Smartphones are now becoming the most convenient tools in shopping. With the apps presented above, we’ll soon see an increase in the number of mobile online shoppers in the coming years. How do you strike a good deal online?


Jennifer Birch,Writer