V-ALERT Delivers Direct Location Intelligence to Asset Managers and Decision Makers

Earthvisionz Powers World’s Fastest Precision Weather Alert System
BOULDER, Colo. – June 19, 2014 –
 Earthvisionz, a leader in interactive web mapping and visualization, today announced V-ALERT™, a location-intelligent notification system that delivers live weather and disaster alerts mapped directly to any organization’s assets such as homes, industrial facilities, tanks, cables, pipelines and commercial properties.

Alert updates are delivered automatically to company command centers, map dashboards, smart phones, tablets, or other mobile devices in all browsers and operating systems. V-ALERT matches exact assets and locations with live weather alerts in affected areas. Data and imagery sources include the National Weather Service, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Homeland Security, Federal Emergency Management Administration, U.S. Geological Survey, the Storm Prediction Center, and links to hyper-local news.
V-ALERT is designed for easy installation and operation in any software environment, and requires far less training and IT support than comparable systems. It is user-configurable and scales to consume almost unlimited data related to mapped assets.
Warnings about wildfires, floods, wind, hail, tornados, hurricanes, snow, earthquakes and other conditions are swift and accurate. V-ALERT offers add-on modules such as EPA and other regulatory data, remote sensing data, environmental hazards, near real-time imagery, multimedia integration including 360° panoramic views to see inside structures, live cams and other instantaneous data streams.
“V-ALERT is the world’s fastest, most precise weather and disaster notification system. It allows decision makers to visualize risk in real time, with instant alerts mapped directly to the assets they care about, in the areas they are responsible for, anywhere on the planet,” said Earthvisionz President Jeff Schott. “V-ALERT enables managers to take immediate action, roll inspectors, repair crews and deploy contractors when assets are in harm’s way. It dramatically reduces operations and maintenance costs in a variety of industries including energy, real estate, insurance and telecom, as well as emergency services and governmental agencies tasked with protecting and maintaining resources.”
V-ALERT has been field-tested with a variety of customers, and is fully implemented in major installations. ServiceLink, one of the nation’s largest property preservation companies managing thousands of bank-owned homes, uses V-ALERT to notify crews of snowfall depth at precise locations to fully comply with municipal snow removal regulations. “A modest storm can leave a property manager vulnerable to costly fines for shovel walk citations,” said Schott. “ServiceLink used V-ALERT during this last harsh winter to generate work orders much more efficiently, saving their clients time and money.”
From remote or widely distributed risk management to protecting millions of properties across the country, V-ALERT is exceptionally scalable in virtually any commercial, industrial or infrastructure application.
“V-ALERT helps manage claims, measure agency productivity, monitor properties, all overlaid with underwriting data and within the same map view showing events from widespread weather alerts to a satellite image of a single property exposed to a fire, flood or hail disaster,” said an executive with a national insurance company. “Agents can easily access and use the system to receive alerts and reports, and respond to customers’ needs with faster repairs. This gives insurers the ability to significantly reduce fraud and the staff required to gather, track, and respond to severe weather and disaster events.”
About Earthvisionz
Earthvisionz is a leading Location Intelligence™ software company creating the next generation of big data visualization. Uses include commercial asset management, decision support, consumer-facing 3D applications, and mobile applications. Earthvisionz enables our customers to own and manage their own customized virtual earth content management system. Earthvisionz technology is a mash-up of map and virtual globe technology with social, live, and multimedia data aggregated by location. Visit www.earthvisionz.com for more information.