Two new Windows Phone SDKs and Nokia X2 announced

This week we released the final version of the Nokia Imaging SDK 1.2 as well as the public beta of the Lumia SensorCore SDK. 

The Imaging SDK is now ready for the converged Windows platform and also includes new APIs.

The SensorCore SDK beta allows you to develop power-efficient health and life-logging apps using the sensor hardware now available in some Lumia smartphones.


Head on over to the Nokia developer blog to learn more about today’s announcements, register here for the Lumia App Lab webinar coming up on July 8th or learn about new DVLUP challenges that can earn you some XP.

About the challenge

For the first DVLUP Challenge, all you need to do is create a new Windows Phone 8.1 app (YES, you read that correctly – these Challenges are the first ones we are offering specifically seeking WP 8.1 apps!) that uses at least two of the APIs included in the SensorCore SDK (details below). Other than that, the field is wide open!

We know your first thought might be to create a health or fitness-related app – and that’s fine, of course. But we’re keen to see what else you can think of when it comes to this new SDK … The app you submit can cover ANY category from the Windows Phone Store that you think will work – the choice is truly yours, as long as you can make the SensorCore SDK come to life within your app! We bet you’ll surprise us with your creativity here.

As we noted, for this Challenge, your new app must work on Windows Phone 8.1 and it must use at least one of the following SensorCore APIs:

  • Step Counter
  • Activity Monitor
  • Place Monitor
  • Track Point Monitor

Your app must also include an About screen describing the app and its features, as well as a feedback mechanism for your users – given this SensorCore technology is so new, it is fair to assume that your users may have questions about how to use it within your app, so be ready for feedback!

The app you choose to submit to this challenge must be first published to the Windows Phone Store AFTER the Challenge’s start date butBEFORE the Challenge’s end date.The app must be new and not previously published in a similar form. And you may only submit one app to this Challenge.