A-T Solutions Releases Version 6 of Award-Winning Field Diagramming and Reporting Tools

WASHINGTON–A-T Solutions Inc., an internationally recognized leader in counterterrorism based in Vienna, Virginia, announced today the release of Version 6 of its award-winning suite of critical scene diagramming and field reporting software. The most widely deployed suite of diagramming tools in the world, these solutions have served thousands of law enforcement professionals, first responders, homeland security teams and defense forces for more than a decade. Now upgraded to more effectively and efficiently collect data and evidence for reporting and analysis on desktop, handheld and mobile devices, the suite includes ATTAC, DCT, Easy Street Draw, FireScene, ScenePD and Signature Scene.

“We are pleased to now offer this powerful upgrade to our entire tool kit that will enable a broad array of government organizations to more easily perform mission-critical planning, response and investigations.”

“Over the past decade, our technology teams have focused on expanding and improving the mission support efficiencies delivered by our in-field data collection and reporting software,” said Dennis Kelly, president and CEO of A-T Solutions. “We are pleased to now offer this powerful upgrade to our entire tool kit that will enable a broad array of government organizations to more easily perform mission-critical planning, response and investigations.”

Version 6 — or V6 — of each software product offers new features and enhancements to its best-selling predecessor and streamlines operations. The interface is simpler, is more intuitive and maximizes the diagramming area while introducing a familiar Microsoft Office look and feel. One of the more powerful aspects of V6 is that it enables mobile collection of forensic information such as prints, photographs, video and audio, and catalogs it all in real time to produce reports that can be defined by the user. Also, faster symbol search creates a more efficient workflow for users, while expanded delivery options — including client, Web and mobile platforms — give customers increased flexibility.

Customers can also augment the software with A-T Solutions Explorer and A-T Solutions Investigator, powerful expansion tools for V6. Explorer, a case management tool, enables users to analyze and manage data; flexible outputs integrate easily with records management systems and allow for customized reporting. Investigator, an evidence collection and management tool, improves collaboration across teams in real time.

V6 also offers Windows tablet optimization and mobile capabilities for iOS and Android, complete with field data capture, GPS and diagramming. Add-on capabilities include digital evidence, a GIS plug-in and Web integration.

About A-T Solutions

A-T Solutions Inc. is an internationally recognized leader in counterterrorism offering a full spectrum of capabilities in the areas of intelligence, technology, training and operations to combat ever-changing threats and protect our homeland and allies around the world. Relentless in the fight against terrorism, A-T Solutions subject matter experts know the realities of terrorism and provide the most current, relevant knowledge required to defeat this threat and design dynamic, adaptable solutions to meet customer requirements and resources. A-T Solutions offers unparalleled expertise and support in forensics and biometrics; CBRNE/WMD; IED defeat; special operations support; training; intelligence collection and analysis; critical infrastructure; maritime/transportation security; engineering and technology; and global logistics. Acquired by CI Capital and CoVant in 2008, A-T Solutions supports more than 200 customers in more than 45 countries, including the departments of Defense, Homeland Security, Justice, Energy and State; the intelligence community; allied nations; state and local agencies; and the private sector. Based in the Tysons Corner area of Vienna, Virginia, A-T Solutions has an operations and training center in Fredericksburg, Virginia, and additional offices in San Diego, California; Niceville and Orlando, Florida.; Boise, Idaho; Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri; Fort Bragg, North Carolina; Virginia Beach, Virginia; the Netherlands; and Canada. For more information, please visit www.a-tsolutions.com.