Wearable Tech – 5 SmartWatches to Consider and Android Wear Launches

Wearable tech, you know, those cool, powerful little pieces of hardware that masquerade as jewelry and also put the Internet and clever mobile apps at your fingertips (as if we aren’t already over-connected as it is!). This feature from CloverPoint provides a look at some cool, wearable technology and some developer tips on Android WearWearable tech (aka. SmartWatches) were the focus at this year’s Google I/O event with Google enticing app developers to create app by giving away these shiny devices to all the geeks that were in the audience. They definitely provide an opportunity for developers and ae yet another platform to consider {you developers insert a moan here} but you really can’t discount them from your business plan. To date the fitness market has really jumped on the wearable bandwagon, for obvious reasons, however, there’s also plenty of opportunities for the health industry (imagine a watch that monitors your blood sugar – yes it already exists!). As these gadgets get more powerful and cram in more memory, more functionality, and more capabilities the possibilities really are endless. For us GeoTech developers these really are an option to consider and adding location-aware apps and services to the growing wearable tech app store is a great idea for developers – that’s just our take!

The following are just 5 (+1) Wearable “smart” watches to consider for running your apps:

Samsung gear –  Another device in the $200 range, the Gear is perhaps the most luxurious looking device out there and very functional! Features include Bluetooth, accerlometer / Gyro-sensor, audio and video playback, microphone, speaker, a  800 MHz Processor, 4 GB RAM and more! Our favorite by far… See it on Google Play or see Samsung Gear website

samsung Gear


TrueSmart – a “stand alone” watch that can function independant of your smartphone.  Features Ultra sensitive touch panel (works with gloves), HD camera (720p) recording capability, Full set of pre-embedded apps: “Ostore” world’s first application store dedicated to wearables, micro SIM slot, speaker, GPS, Wifi, 5 megapixel camera. See http://www.omate.com/

FitBid – Created for the sports enthusiast, Fitbit makes it easy to track activity, sync stats, see trends and reach goals.  Fitbit products continuously sync your stats to your computer and smartphone. Get real-time access to your progress and reminders throughout the day without having to plug in. The company produces a number of mobile, wearable tech solutions. The company’s MobileRun app uses GPS to accurately track, log and compare runs, walks and hikes efficiently. See http://www.fitbit.com/

LG G – Running Android Wear OS, the G features an always on display, is water and dust resistant, has Bluetooth 4.0 , 4 GB internal memory with 512 MB RAM, 1.2 GHz CPU, accelerometer/Compass/Gyro and more. See complete details HERE and also Available on Google Play



SmartWatch (Sony) – Not to be outdone, Sony has a nice, Android device, the SmartWatch. At sub-$100 is also runs apps from Google Play, something that will definitely appeal to many. Features include BlueTooth, integrated music player, and connectivity to numerous apps (news, weather, games)  See details on the Sony website

BONUS… Pebble Steel – Designed with stainless steel and gorilla glass, this device is rugged and slick! The device (in limited supply) has a 5-7 day battery life,  waterprrof, daylight readable, and runs the pebble apps. The device is indeed flashy and trendy, however, it may not do eveything you want. See https://getpebble.com/steel

So, if these gadgets are a compelling choice for you, either as a consumer or developer, take note because just this week Google has rolled out their Apps  {think app store} for Android Wear technology! Browse apps for your smartwatch or create your own app and give it away or sell it on Google Play!

Apps for Android wear

 For an interesting, inside look at what makes these powerful watches tick, check out this fine read from ARM

For support and videos direct from Google be sure to subscribe to the Google developer youtube channel

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