3DBin Announces Mobile App Launch – Instantly use your iPhone to create 3D photos of any object

3DBin, Inc., is launching a mobile app that will revolutionize the way photos are taken, viewed and shared. The Palo Alto based company offers a software solution for 360 degree photography.

3DBin Announces Mobile App Launch

3DBin Announces Mobile App Launch

We automatically process and weave together your snapshots to create animated, 3D photos. We are thrilled that with 3DBin App you can now do all the web application tasks with your iPhone. You can instantly create 3D photos of any object or person. All you need to do is take several pictures around the object, and in seconds you’ll have interactive 3D photos to post on the web. We believe the app will change the way products are sold online. Using 3DBin App, you can create and post 3Dphotos of your products on the go. There is no longer a need to send multiple photos of a car to a potential buyer. Just take a 3D photo with 3DBin App, and the buyer can view the car in an interactive spin. Daily pictures become more vibrant with 3DBin App.

A 360 degree panoramic photo of a hiking vista will capture the breadth of the beautiful view with a simple spin. You can share your creativity on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You can even export your new 3D Photos as a video! 3DBin App offers a unique redo option that allows users to retake photos. This feature is useful when you want to make sure you keep the same distance from the object while taking pictures. The app will be available in the iTunes App Store July 14.

For a few days 3DBin App will be offered as a free download with all the features and options unlocked. The app is free, but it will cost 99 cents thereafter to unlock those features. E-commerce players will be able to increase sales by making their mobile product presentation interactive with 3DBin!

For more app details, visit http://3dbin.com/mobile.