Speedometer by Sygic’s New Dash Cam Feature will Change the Industry

Cutting Edge Dash Cam to be Included in New Speedometer by Sygic Update

Bratislava, Slovakia – July 9, 2014 – Dash Cam sales have increased greatly because drivers are seeking new ways to have evidence when making an insurance claim to ensure their claims are handled quickly and properly. Sygic has once again pioneered this growing market by creating the world’s first speedometer app with integrated Dash Cam for smart phones. Many insurance companies dismiss video Dash Cam evidence because it can be tampered with, however Speedometer by Sygic’s Dash Cam will greatly streamline the insurance claims process by providing video evidence that users are unable to edit. This allows insurance companies to handle claims with minimal personnel and cost, providing better customer service and support. The update is currently exclusively available for Windows Phone, following with the Android and iOS releases next month. Since its release in February, the Speedometer app has reached over 600,000 downloads and counting.

The Dash Cam will change the way drivers see navigation and camera-based driving apps forever. This innovative feature will enhance the user experience by improving road safety and accountability. Speedometer by Sygic will allow the police investigating the scene of traffic accidents to review the accident footage on Microsoft’s Azure Cloud. Unlike the footage of other Dash Cams, the footage stored on the cloud cannot be tampered with and includes the date, GPS coordinates, and speed of the incident. The app can record 5 minute loops with 1 minute segments, with the oldest video deleted.

“The new built-in Dash Cam was designed with making insurance companies and their customers partners in safe driving,” Sygic CEO Michal Štencl said. “It was our dream to create a feature that not only improves road safety, but also reduces the stress and anxiety that comes with the insurance claim process.”

The Dash Cam feature is available with the premium features package for only 1.99 USD a month, or 19.99 USD yearly. Other exciting premium features include real-time speed limit notices, mobile speed camera and speed trap notifications from premium providers (such as TomTom and Eifrig Media), and much more!

Speedometer by Sygic Features:

  • Alerts for over 55,000 speed traps and red light cameras worldwide
  • Alert other drivers about nearby cameras with the touch of a button
  • Track trip stats including time spent in car, average speed and distance traveled
  • Set custom speed limit alerts in the app
  • Simple, intuitive interface that shows just the info needed, reducing potential distraction
  • Built-in dash cam
  • Crowdsourced updates of speed trap database and share information with other drivers*



About Sygic

Sygic develops offline voice-guided GPS navigation software trusted by millions of customers worldwide. Sygic was the first company to provide turn-by-turn navigation for the iOS platform in 2008. With more than 50 million unique users is Sygic GPS Navigation most trusted offline navigation app for Android and iOS.

Sygic Business Solutions as specialized division of Sygic is focused on developing professional solutions for customers in fields of transportation, logistics, mobile workforce, automotive, utilities, emergency and communal services.

Based in Bratislava, Slovakia, Sygic has been recognized as a Deloitte Fast 50 Company for fastest growing IT companies in Central Europe for five consecutive years and in 2011 was added to Deloitte’s Fast 500 EMEA listing as well. To learn more about Sygic offerings, visit http://www.sygic.com.

Speedometer by Sygic’s New Dash Cam Feature will Change the Industry

Speedometer by Sygic’s New Dash Cam Feature will Change the Industry