A new mid-core, strategy/adventure game hits Android from the new f2p publisher Inflo Games

Introducing Inflo Games & Mercenaries Strike Back

Gardena, CA – July 25, 2014 – GameFactory is excited and proud to announce the launch of its new subsidiary company, Inflo Games which is a sister company to the popular free-to-play gaming portal, OGPlanet. Following OGPlanet’s commitment and dedication to bringing high quality gaming experiences to North American and European audiences, Inflo Games will continue this trend by branching out beyond PC games to a variety of new platforms such as Android and iOS for mobile devices. Similar to OGPlanet, all games released by Inflo Games will be 100% free-to-play with the option of making in-game purchases to enhance a player’s gaming experience. Coupled with a firm stance to avoid any types of pay-to-win mechanics, Inflo Games promises to release games that harbor a fun, social and engaging environment for all types of gamers.

Coinciding with Inflo Games’ official launch, the company will be releasing the mobile game Mercenaries Strike Back which will be available on the Google Play store as of 4:00 PM PDT / 7:00 PMT PST today and will be released on iOS in the coming weeks. To learn more about Inflo Games and its new title, Mercenaries Strike Back, players can visithttp://www.InfloGames.com for more information.

Watch the Mercenaries Strike Back video on youtube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6JLwz2CX3TY&feature=youtu.be.

Mercenaries Strike Back Overview
Centered around a character that is betrayed by a close friend and who is left with a crushing debt, the player must hire fellow mercenaries in order to take on dangerous quests and explore exotic lands in an attempt to pay off their debt and find the one who has betrayed them. With a casual and light visual style matched with a mid-core feel, Mercenaries Strike Back combines the strategy, RPG and collection genres into one unique adventure game that is fun for all ages.

Players can also join the Mercenaries Strike Back community on Facebook or on Twitter to stay current on all the latest MSB announcements, updates, events, contests and more!

Mercenaries Strike Back’s Main Features:

  • Army Customization: It will take more than brute force to defeat the exotic monsters and dangers that await you on your adventure. Hire a variety of different classes of mercenaries to fight alongside you and place them in formations to play to each of their strengths.
  • Mercenary Collection: Hire mercenaries in order to create a sellsword army that would rival even the Golden Company of Essos. Trade with friends and watch your collection of mercenaries grow to ultimate might and glory.
  • Exotic Land & Monsters: Explore magical and exotic lands as you quest for gold and vengeance. The monsters may look colorful and cute but they are also deadly.
  • Intense Upgrades: Upgrade your battle hardened mercenary army and then equip them with the best weapons and armor in the land to make them that of glimmering legend.
  • Play with Friends: Team up with your friend’s lesser but adequate mercenary army to defeat those pesky boss monsters. Afterword’s, say thanks by defeating your friend in an intense PvP battle to the death.

Stay up-to-date on with the latest developments on Mercenaries Strike Back:

Inflo Games Official Site: http://www.InfloGames.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MercsStrikeBack
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MercsStrikeBack
Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.gameprix.android.projectdeng
Official youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6JLwz2CX3TY&feature=youtu.be