The Sub $150 Unlocked Android mini smartphone from Cedar Tree Technologies, the CMP1

Yes indeed, coming soon from Oregon startup, Cedar Tree Technologies (a spinoff of Juniper Systems, Utah), a semi tough/rugged, mini smartphone that comes unlocked, with dual SIM slots, and much more – wow!
I’m pleased to share this one with you, shot on location at the 2014 ESRIUC in San Diego… likely your first chance to have a look at the really awesome, Cedar Tree CMP1, mini Android smartphone – My first look at the AWESOME @cedar_tech mini Android smartphone – oh, and FYI, this video was shot with a trial Nokia Lumia 1520 – pretty sweet video quality I’d say! Keep on reading to see the video…


Those of you who know me likely know that I’m an Android user/fan, so when I see cool Android-based technology I get excited! The new, Cedar Tree CMP1 did exactly that, and more! This ultra-compact, full featured Android device is compact, handy, and the ideal companion for the field worker – its pretty tough too! Shipping in the very near future, this device should ideally target the field services market as well as recreation, fitness, and emergency uses. The device is small and ideally a secondary device and can easily be taken into environments where mobile users typically wouldn’t feel comfortable with their “usual” device, mainly because it is small and easily stored in convenient places. The device boasts dual SIM slots, MicroSD slot (memory expansion), radio antenae, swappable battery, and more. The killer feature though, the CMP1 will sell unlocked for just $150 – WOW! I’ll take 2 please… See or follow them @cedar_tech

I’m dying to get my hands on one to test it out for myself and share with you… hopefully a trial will be in the cards, if not I’ll definitely be ordering one! Kudos Cedar Tree Technologies on this one. About the company… Based in Corvallis, Oregon, Cedar Tree, brought to you by Juniper Systems, provides rugged handheld and tablet devices that utilize Google’s Android operating system

Source: @gletham (AnyGeo blog)