City and County of Denver Enlists EffectiveUI to Reinvent Citizens’ Digital Interactions with Government

Digital innovation agency will help create a new personalized, interactive platform to make common interactions simpler and more personalized for residents

EffectiveUI announced it has been engaged by the City and County of Denver to create a responsive digital platform that will be accessible via Web, tablet or smartphone, making it easier for residents to find information they need and interact with the city government and its services.

EffectiveUI conducted extensive research and constituent insight work to determine what Denver’s residents wanted when it came to digitally interacting with Denver’s government. The team conducted interviews with residents to uncover their typical behaviors, needs and goals when they interact with City/County government. These findings will help direct the application design to make it the most positive experience for constituents based on their own input.

“The City and County of Denver wants to not only make it easier for our residents to get things done and find the information they need, but we also want to set the bar for other local governments in how they interact with their constituents,” said Christine Binnicker, Executive Director of Application Services, City and County of Denver. “Partnering with EffectiveUI was a clear choice for this project because of their ability to conduct research and translate the findings into a positive, pleasant digital experience.”

The new platform will offer residents a highly personalized experience using location-based services and just-in-time notifications to provide information and content that is relevant and timely. A responsive design approach will help ensure residents can find the information they need and perform tasks from a mobile phone, tablet or desktop.

“Government agencies are complex – they manage so many functions and have so much data that it can be difficult to distill it all down in a way that is easy for people to use and access,” said Rebecca Flavin, CEO, EffectiveUI. “The City and County of Denver is setting the standard by focusing on its residents and making meaningful digital connections with them through this effort.”

An initial version of the platform is expected to be live and available to residents this fall, with additional applications and services continuing to be added over time.

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