Only 5% of mobile app developers who use Cross-Platform Tools say native app development brings more “value for money”

A lot of mobile project managers face the question: is the switch from native development to cross-platform development worth its costs? For the actual tool users the answer is clear

The vast majority, 81%, of tool users are satisfied with the use of a Cross-Platform Tool for app development and rate their tool’s cost-performance as “good value” or “ok value”. Only 5% of the Cross-Platform Tool users claim that native app development brings more “value for money”. The argument that Cross-Platform Tools are too expensive to use does not withstand the reality check.


Despite this, 23% of actual users state monetary costs might act as a barrier to the growth of the Cross-Platform Tool market.  However, direct monetary outlays do not need to be substantial. In some cases, vendors offer their Cross-Platform Tool for free. (The comparison of costs for three scenarios from 26 Cross-Platform Tool vendors is included in the free report “Cross-Platform Tool Benchmarking 2014”.)


Anyhow, costs are just one decision factor for or against the adoption of a Cross-Platform Tool. Some other decision criteria are: familiarization time with a tool, quality of output, support, etc. Today, 32% of the actual users say that concerns about the resulting app’s quality, is what constitutes the major barrier to the growth of the Cross-Platform Tool market.

These concerns are often groundless. Firstly, Cross-Platform Tools are on average easy to use, 28% of CPT users needed only days and 40% weeks to reach an expert user level. Secondly, the resulting app’s quality is, surprisingly to some, well rated: 40% of users state the quality is as good as of natively-developed apps, whereas 41% say it is even better.


The table shows the Top 10, out of a list of 150 Cross-Platform Tools, which excel in cost-performance. QT, Titanium and Unity 3D rank highest in the cost-performance comparison. Most noticeably, as much as 81% of users are happy with the cost-performance of their tool and 14% state is it satisfactory. The deployment of Cross-Platform Tools clearly pays off.


These findings are a part of our latest report Cross-Platform Tools: User Profiles and Market Leader Benchmarking 2014. The report is based on the largest global study on cross-platform app development. The report based on a study involving 150 Cross-Platform Tools and more than 2,100 survey respondents, highlights the 14 leading Cross-Platform Tools by benchmarking them in terms of familiarization time, support, app quality, cost-performance ratio, recommendation, etc.



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