Kaching 123 is the cloud based, Android register POS system

Some interesting technology for the retailer on the horizon… Kaching 123 is an innovative Point of Sale Solution that runs on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2. It delivers simplicity and security to your business, using Cloud accessibility so you can work anytime and from anywhere.


KACHING 123 is the first Android Point Of Sale System (POS) that helps increase efficiency while combining state – of–the – art software with top-of-the-line hardware. We help retailers by lowering their operating costs and managing inventory with a built – in credit card processing module and a financial prepaid module that is embedded in the software with the ability to sell a full array of prepaid products and services. This feature converts a traditional register system into a profit generating system. This easy to use POS system also includes cloud based data storage, offline transactions and a wide range of comprehensive reports that allow you to: monitor financials, track inventory, view sales history, manage your cash, track customer loyalty, monitor employees through time clock and labor scheduling among many other great features. The Kaching 123 POS System is supported by live bilingual customer support, unlimited upgrades, and a secure payment gateway

Android POS system with built in POS and Prepaid software
• Merchant processing Level 1 PCI compliant proprietary gateway included
• Connectivity options include Wi-Fi and LTE wireless
• PAX’s S80 mag reader, debit pin pad, EMV smart card reader (optional)
• Access Reports Anywhere – from KACHING 123, your smartphone or desktop
• Supports multiple tablets at a single retail location
• Cloud data storage
• Offline transaction capability