Accessories for the Adventure Seeker

You prefer mountain biking to movie watching, singing a song around a campfire to playing music by the fireplace, throwing the ball around with your friends to watching a game at the bar—in short, you’re an outdoor kinda guy. You’ve got dirt running through your veins, and the sky calls your name. Whenever you can, you lock up the house and hit the open road. You have enjoyed this life so far, but you’re starting to realize that there might be something you’re missing on your adventures. Whether for fashion or function, accessories can make every trip outside a memorable one.

Accessories for the Adventure Seeker

Electronics and Gadgets

Whether for sports or recreation, every man on the go knows that at the end of the day it helps to know where you are. With that in mind, a reliable GPS device is essential for any outdoor activities. Companies like Garmin have revolutionized the industry by providing everything from watches that let you plan and navigate your hike or track your golf swing to units that have built in digital cameras to record the moments when you reach the top and everything in between.

For extended trips, lugging around extra batteries for your electronic devices can be a hassle. GoalZero has developed portable solar panels that can be used to charge and power your devices whenever you need. Just strap the panels to your backpack and let the sun do the work while you have fun.

Style and Class

What fun is experiencing the wide open outdoors if you don’t look good while doing it? Shades provide not only much needed protection from the sun’s harsh rays but can be customized to fit your personal style. Models like Oakley’s Batwolf are compatible with Revant replacement lenses. These polarized lenses come in a variety of colors, and they are impact resistant so that you are ready for whatever comes your way.

Speaking of style, everyone has their own, and there is nothing worse that showing up at a hiking trail wearing the same exact outfit as your buddy. Companies like REI have got you covered. Offering everything from shoes to backpacks, cold weather gear to snorkeling accessories, you can customize your look to be one of a kind in any environment. They even have functional necessities like knives and tools, first aid equipment, and climbing gear.

Tomorrow and Beyond

What’s in store for the outdoorsman of tomorrow? Companies like EnergyBionics created an energy-harvesting wristwatch that will be able to charge your phone or devices. And how inconvenient is it when your smartphone interferes with your flexibility and maneuverability? Well, Samsung is in the process of perfecting technology to create bendable cellphones that will move with you. Keep your eyes open, who knows what else is on the way.

Whatever your style and wherever your destination, make sure you are ready. The outdoors can be fun and exciting, but if you don’t treat her with the respect she deserves, Mother Nature will quickly make sure you see the error of your ways. With a little forethought and planning, your time exploring and experiencing the majesty of our world will leave you with nothing but fond memories.