Facebook Messenger app sparks privacy concerns

Have you read the terms and conditions of Facebook’s Messenger app?

It’s very likely that few of the millions of users who have downloaded it have actually perused the fine print that allows Facebook access to massive amounts of data.

The company recently made downloading the app mandatory in order to send messages on mobile devices as it removes the inbox from the main app. Last week, it was the most downloaded free iPhone app and fifth-most downloaded free iPad app, according to iTunes.

Concerns over privacy began to swirl following recent media reports detailing what the app is capable of doing on Android devices. This includes:

  • Calling phone numbers without your intervention and sending text messages;
  • Recording audio with the microphone, and taking photos and videos with the camera, without your confirmation;
  • Reading your phone’s call log.

Facebook is not commenting on the issue of requiring so many permissions.

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