Tripomatic Trip Planner – Custom made maps for travelers

Something new from Tripomatic this week – custom designed maps

This comes from the developer…

After two years of using stock maps from various providers at Tripomatic, we have come to a harsh conclusion: None of the maps were designed with travelers in mind. Therefore, we’ve decided to solve this problem once and forever with our own, custom designed map. It is available at and in our apps starting this week.

The biggest advantage of the map is the complete customization. We do not display the default Google or Apple maps content. Instead, we focus on the features tourists really appreciate while on the go: restaurants, fast foods, ATMs, gas stations, cafés and bakeries, kids playgrounds etc. Together with Tripomatic’s huge database of attractions, the new map gives the user an excellent knowledge of the selected destination. It is aimed to be 100% walking friendly with parks and water bodies playing an important role in the overall appearance. For the most popular destinations, subway lines are displayed.

The technology is based on OpenStreetMap database and Mapnik rendering toolkit. The symbology was designed using TileMill software developed by Mapbox. Open source mapping tools are amazing and our map is a proof!

Tripomatic helps independent travelers create their own travel guide. It suggests interesting places in over 400 destinations worldwide. Users can select what they want to see and add the places to their itinerary. Tripomatic is available at or as a mobile app for iOS, Android or BlackBerry.

Custom made maps for travelers

Custom made maps for travelers