Foursquare Gets a HUGE Update to R.8

So, here it is, foursquare (R8) with a completely new look and feel. I’m still poking around with it and trying to figure out what’s up with the app.


I have to admit, it really does feel more personalized, this thanks to the learning about me that the app wants to initiate – right from the get-go after the update you’ll be promoted to tell foursquare all about your likes, I assume so the app can make relevant recommendations. The jury is still out on this release, heck, using the app I can’t even figure out exactly how to perform a checkin, although Swarm (which has led to much confusion for users) has likely taken over the checkin process from the Foursquare app, which I’m assuming will be more focused on local search, suggestions and basically, being more Yelpy!

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