TripCase + Uber = Brilliant

TripCase has integrated the new Uber API to enrich your travel experience

Starting today, TripCase users can get a ride with Uber seamlessly from the TripCase app (in cities where Uber is available). Since we know where you are in your trip, TripCase can offer the Uber service at just the right time. The Uber API allows us to pull in estimated time of arrival and costs, to make getting a ride as easy as possible. Travelers who use Uber through TripCase will also receive special discount pricing.

TripCase, which processed more than 20 million trips last year alone, has offered Uber services to travelers since 2013, and this expanded relationship represents a deeper technology integration and a closer business relationship between Uber and TripCase.

Uber experience supports TripCase’s vision to provide people with a simple way to manage everything they need while traveling. Whether through home-grown innovations or third party sources, TripCase puts the newest and most relevant travel-related innovations at travelers’ fingertips.

TripCase + Uber = Brilliant