Market Convergence Changes the Business Rules on the Telematics Arena

Key topics at Telematics Valley’s International Conference 2014 – September 23-24:th, Gothenburg
Who will be your Competitor, Supplier, Partner or Customer tomorrow?
Like most business environments today, also the telematics arena is changing rapidly when companies see threats or new opportunities within their core business.

The Strategic Decisions become obvious when we read about new Acquisitions, Mergers and Partnerships.

Other ways of moving the business forward is to introduce a New Groundbreaking Technologies or use Existing Technology for New Applications.

Cloud computing is more and more used to create totally new services or improve the existing. Cloud Computing will also break up todays distribution structures and be used to by-pass traditional companies in the delivery chain that will become obsolete. Customer ownership will change.

Product Manufacturers introduce more and more Services – or even Transform into a Service Providers.

Why do companies from Different Industries move in the Same Direction?

What are the Strategies behind the decisions from these companies and what are the Driving Forces?

How will this influence your business?

Get the Explanations and listen to the Future Visions at the Telematics Valley Conference 2014.

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