iPhone 6 Most Wanted Features: Surprising Expectations [INFOGRAPHIC]

Everybody’s looking forward to see the new iPhone 6 next week. What do you think is the most wanted feature? Better camera? Bigger screen? You’d be surprised. Customer surveys show that what people wish for most is improved battery life. As for entirely new features sapphire glass tops the expectations list.

Using latest customer surveys and comparing specs of previous iPhone models, we created an infographic that shows how much innovation there really was in each iPhone so far. We also included a detailed analysis of what features clients expect from iPhone 6. See more here: http://comparisons.financesonline.com/comparison-of-iphone-6-innovative-features/


So what other interesting info can you find in the infographic?

  • Which iPhone model was the most innovative so far?

  • 19% of Apple fans want a bigger screen size in iPhone 6

  • Apple sold more than 500 million iPhones worldwide

  • The first smartphone was released by IBM in ‘94, 13 years before the first iPhone

SOURCE:  http://comparisons.financesonline.com/comparison-of-iphone-6-innovative-features/

In the infographic prepared by our creative team we highlighted the key features in each iPhone launch since the first generation phone came out in 2007. Some features are truly innovative (A series chip, Siri, App Store) and some are unabashed embellishments.

So what’s in store for future iPhones? We can get some clues from Apple patents registered with the U.S. Trademark and Office. Apple is developing an audio jack to double as a headphone jack, plus an audio transducer that doesn’t need a grille to emit sound. That means future iPhones can be totally enclosed or water-proofed. Another patent talks about combining motion analyzer, scenery analyzer, and lockout mechanism to detect if you’re driving and disable Messages Apps. With the increasing text-induced car accidents, expect this feature sooner than later.

Yet another patent indicates that Apple is cooking an intelligent Home Page that brings up the app you need for specific scenarios like when you need to show an electronic ticket in an airport or an e-coupon at a counter. The patent uses location-based signals and tracks user data patterns like calendars, emails, notes, etc. to predict when to bring up the app.

But let’s not talk about the future; rather, let’s see what iPhone users want today.

iphone6 infographic