Host Meetings from Anywhere, Anytime

Virtual meetings are a must in today’s on-the-go world. With so many telecommuting employees and people needing to be several places all at once, being able to conduct or participate in meetings and collaborate while on the go is extremely useful and important. There are plenty of options as far as platforms, software, and devices for conferencing and collaboration.

Whatever you use, it is important to understand the key benefits to hosting meetings from anywhere, anytime. There is no longer a reason to tie yourself to your desk or to worry about what will happen at the office during your absence. And your clients will appreciate your added availability as well.

 Breaking Out of Those Chains

 You no longer have to chain yourself to your desk all day in order to maintain an in office presence or to get things done. After all, life is busy. Perhaps you have other outside meetings or appointments to attend to. Perhaps you need a long lunch to stretch your legs and just think a bit. Whatever the reason, untethering yourself once in a while is a good thing, and with Blue Jeans Mobile Video Collaboration, you do not have to worry about missing out on things at the office while you’re away.

One of the primary benefits of mobile video conferencing is that you no longer have to make hard choices about when to meet with someone, when to cancel or reschedule, or whether or not you can take a day away to enjoy yourself. Instead, you can take your meetings and collaboration with you, using any device, so you can talk, plan, and still enjoy the benefits of work productivity while getting more done and enjoying your life outside the nine to five as well.

There are numerous other benefits to video conferencing, but another key selling point is the fact that you do not have to be in the office to “be in the office.” Some managers and business owners certainly have some valid concerns about their staff slacking off while they are away. Your voice on the other end of the phone is only going to go so far in that case. However, a video call can help you to maintain an active presence, keeping your staff on their toes and commanding some accountability because its almost like you are sitting right there in the same room.

The Quick and Easy Solution for Client Meetings

Ideally, face-to-face meetings with clients are often preferred. However, given the globalization of many businesses, it is not always feasible for the either the client or the provider to hop on a plane or into a car and drive to a meeting. You might be clear across the country or around the globe from one another. Phone calls and emails are nice, but they do not offer the same personalization that a face-to-face meeting does. It is very difficult to read someone and interpret their sincerity and intentions if you cannot see their face and read some of their body language or at least read their expressions. Utilizing strategies like Blue Jeans Mobile Video Collaboration gives you the opportunity to meet with clients in a virtual face-to-face setting at any time and from anywhere. This small move alone could increase your business and improve client confidence by letting them know that you care enough about your customers to make yourself readily available even if you cannot exactly meet in person.

Blue Jeans Mobile Video Collaboration is not a new concept. In fact, the idea of video conferencing came long before the inception of Skype and similar platforms. More than 25 years have come and gone since the first wave of video conference technology came to pass. Many other forms of communication have come along since then, but with advances in technology and the many on-the-go devices available today, mobile video conferencing just makes plain sense. Business owners, employees, and clients of all ages have come to appreciate and utilize this technology, especially since telecommuting is now so commonplace.

Blue Jeans Mobile Video Collaboration is a great way to allow scheduling flexibility while also enjoying key benefits such as increased productivity ease of use with any device, and finding the perfect balance between your professional life and personal life. You can hold real-time meetings with many members of your staff without having to change your plans or cancel other obligations. Long gone are the days when you had to sit at your desk for hours on end just to make sure things were getting done. No longer must you stay into the wee hours of the night, missing out on dinner and quality time with the family. Virtual meetings offer so many more possibilities for today’s workforce, and it’s a technology that no business should ever be without