A New Twist on Social Cooperation Crowdfunding Evolves and Takes a Quantum Leap A New Twist on Crowdfunding Takes Off The Evolution of Crowdfunding toward eLaunches for eCommerce  San Francisco, CA –, an exciting new platform for managing the launch of completed creative efforts, is pleased to announce its open beta release. The service was built with a clear purpose in mind: to allow book authors, artists and creators to host marketing efforts similar to a crowdfunding campaign, which will help ensure the successful launch of their creative products. MalenaGamboa, CEO of, explains, “We’re still in the very beginning stages of what crowdfunding will eventually become. We predict that a significant percentage of all commerce on the web will be powered by techniques developed for crowdfunding, which will evolve as it is integrated into more traditional e-commerce processes on the web. More importantly, this free platform will help authors, artists and small businesses bring their visions to the world more effectively.”

Po Chi Wu, Chairman of and a former venture capitalist, adds, “Most venture capitalists steer away from ventures that are very early stage, because the risk of investing in later stage companies is much more manageable. Similarly, this can be thought of as a late stage crowdfunding effort, in that the products are already completed.This eliminates technical execution risk, so funding support is used to develop the market. Lower risk means a bigger social ROI.” Also, he adds, “As a marketing platform, can offer added functionality, such as retargeting advertising and superior customer retention. As a medium, it can reflect and enhance the brand of the creators and

the customer experience.” The venture will first beta test the launching of books for emerging authors, but will soon thereafter be open for launching art shows, sports clubs, and other creative and collaborative is the world’s first service to offer this specific functionality to project

creators and businesses. The system provides a framework that empowers:

• Better coordination: Allows pre-orders for books to be coordinated to aggregate into the first week of sales, to ensure better ranking on best-seller lists

• Reward Tiers: Customized reward levels suitable for book marketing

• Flexible Time Limitations: Launch a 30 to 90 day campaign, with integrated launch planning calendar

• Free to Use: The system is free for authors and creators, using only discounts and affiliate fees for internal revenue generation

• Direct Payments: Secure payments through third party with the ability to accept international payments through VISA, MasterCard, and Paypal

• Multiple Campaigns: Easily run multiple campaigns at one time will also provide other services to authors – training, and PR/media relations services are integrated into the offering. For example, integrated e-learning teleseminars will be offered to authors as well, by Jack Canfield, the author and driving force behind the development and delivery of the Chicken Soup for the Soul® franchise (with over 500 million copies in print worldwide).

The venture is a high-tech incubation collaboration between FutureLab Consulting and NextGEN Ventures. Managing Partner, Moses Ma, adds, “Three of the partners at FutureLab wrote a book called Agile Innovation, to be released by Wiley & Sons in September 2014, and realized that it’s really quite a bit of work to launch a book effectively. We decided to practice what we preach, so we are using our approach to innovation to meet this challenge by incubating To demonstrate the power of innovation with our own book launch to simplify and empower the launch process – sort of like testing a vaccine on yourself after inventing it, is a bold and risky move. We invite you to visit the site and help us launch the book as a pilot test for the venture.”

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About is a new venture that aims to empower authors, artists and creators to realize their visions and bring their creativity and ideas to the world more successfully.

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