Announcing Mobile Future Forward 2014 Book/Registration closing this week

We are pleased to announce that our Mobile Future Forward Book for 2014 (5th edition) will be published and become available exclusively to the Mobile Future Forward participants on Sept 24thAs is the tradition, the book has some brilliant essays and interviews from our speakers – the thought leaders and mobile industry senior executives, on trends, opportunities, innovations, and user experiences. More importantly, these thought-pieces highlight how some of the leading companies are gearing themselves to execute in the Connected Intelligence Era. The book provides a perfect platform for our day long brainstorm about what the next 5-10 years in mobile will look like. We have extraordinary speakers and am really looking forward to the discussions throughout the day and into the coming months.

The essays are:

  1.  Connected Intelligence Era: The Golden Age of Mobile – Chetan Sharma, President, Chetan Sharma Consulting
  2.  The Internet of Things is a step to something greater – Glenn Lurie, President and CEO, AT&T Mobility
  3.  Optimize Customer Experience Through Device-driven Personalization, ‘Gamification’ of Services – Bhaskar Gorti, SVP and GM, Oracle Communications
  4.  Perspectives on 5G – Dr. John Saw, Chief Network Officer, Sprint
  5.  Next Generation ICT Infrastructure – Dr. Jason Hoffman, Head of Product Line – Cloud Software, Ericsson
  6.  Next Generation Networks – Next Generation Economics – Dr. Hassan Ahmed, CEO, Affirmed Networks
  7.  Mobile Security: Are You at Risk (Yet)? – Mark Fernandes, Managing Director, Sierra Ventures
  8.  IoT Data Privacy Framework  – Sarla Sharma, COO, Chetan Sharma Consulting
  9.  Retail and distribution, the courage to move beyond the conventional – Dave Sprosty, CEO, Sprosty Network
  10.  Personal Cloud Growth Opportunities for Mobile Operators: Today, Tomorrow, and Beyond – Chris Putnam, SVP, Synchronoss
  11.  Mobile Patents Landscape: An In-depth Quantitative Analysis – Chetan Sharma, President, Chetan Sharma Consulting
  12.  The 7 Gears for Organizations to Get the Speed to Lead and Shape the Future – Julie Woods-Moss, CEO – NextGen Business, Tata Communications


The goal of the Mobile Future Forward Summit is to explore the future of the mobile industry, to create new connections, to openly discuss and debate new ideas. By bringing together a really diverse group of individual leaders – both speakers and audience, we are able to create an environment for constructive dialogue that will hopefully help in formulating your own strategies and product plans.

We are gearing up for next week’s Mobile Future Forward Executive Mobile Summit in Seattle. Registration will be closing this week