Lineable — Only $5, and It’s the First Wearable Beacon

Wearable devices have become the new big thing in technology. With the release of the new Apple Watch, the wearable devices industry is expecting a bigger growth in the near future.

But what is a wearable beacon? A newly introduced product from Reverth, Lineable, has altered the way we view wearable devices. Unlike the newly unveiled Apple Watch or any other wearable devices in the market, Lineable simplified its functions to do just one thing. Emit signals every second until its batteries are drained; a simple beacon that sends signals on and on.

Lineable defines itself as a “wearable tracking beacon to prevent children from missing, and it’s only $5.” To an average eye the newly announced Lineable might seem like a mere Bluetooth tracking device. However, it is very distinct from its competitors in pursuing its task and at a much lower price of only $5.

Current devices that prevent pet or child loss are rather expensive due to additional functions. Some devices might be considered overdone with functions modified from smartphones such as displays and buttons into a wristband tracker. However, the excess functions are reflected in the costs as most trackers average to be over $50 and often include monthly maintenance fees.

The Lineable team has brought down the cost to $5 and the reasons behind are very clever.

Lineable uses the resources from nearby smart phones rather than being an independent tracker itself. Without smartphones Lineable might seem less useful, but everyone around the world with a smartphone can be your companion.

Lineable uses Bluetooth 4.0 to connect via smartphones. All Lineable does is shoot signals every second. The rest is for the nearby smartphones to process. Even without directly pairing Bluetooth to any smartphones, Lineable can be detected by users once they have installed the Lineable app. So the more users Lineable attains, the more safe-zones are made for children.

When there is a child reported missing in the radar, every Lineable app user will be notified of the missing child. And if any Lineable user is within the vicinity of the missing child, push notifications are sent to both the parents and the locator.

Also, Lineable encourages individuals to participate as safety beacons for children. It’s clever how Lineable relies its coverage on independent users rather than global satellites and telecommunications firms.

All these functions are executed through a $5 device because Lineable uses smartphones to amass data and encourages worldwide individuals to be a part an ever expanding safe zone for children.

It could be the best $5 spent for children around the world.

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