Tablets Bring Portability to the Workplace

Workplace efficiency is important in an ever more connected world. The ability to stay connected to coworkers, to more efficiently share information, and to stay up to date on research and projects is vital to the modern business. Continuing education and connections to new information are also keys to a successful career, and access to these things can make a huge difference. Small, hand-held tablets provide a great way to increase efficiency while keeping up to date on everything you need to know at work, as well as providing a way to stay in touch even when you need to travel outside the office.

tablets in the workplaceImage Credit (BGR)

 Multitasking Capabilities

The ability to multitask at work can give you a huge advantage. Juggling various meetings and appointments along with production deadlines and goals can be a challenge, and having a device that keeps everything organized and readily available can make all the difference. A small, 7 inch tablet by Nook that fits easily into a pocket and can go anywhere with you is a great multitasking tool. With multi-tab capability and an array of apps that can keep track of appointments and time sensitive information, your tablet is an asset in the business world. You can have your contacts and your email in the same place as your calendar and your presentation visuals, and it is all ready to go when you are.

Focus on a Specific Task

While multitasking is important, the ability to do one job really well is also essential in the workplace. Tablets can help improve workplace productivity and efficiency by helping you focus on a specific task to get it done faster. Tablets that are dedicated tools at the office can remove the distractions of a web browser or gaming device so that you can streamline your view to the task at hand. You can also take your job with you no matter where you need to be to keep it moving forward, even when you’re away from your desk. The ability to unitask is important, so that you can concentrate on a specific job and give it the attention and dedication it needs. Having a tablet gives you the flexibility to get away from your desk phone and computer to really hone in on the producing the best work you can.

Have a Second Screen at Your Desk

Another way a tablet can benefit you at work is by providing a functional second screen at your desk. By connecting your tablet to your computer, you can have a separate view of an additional item without having to minimize everything on your desktop. In fact, having a second screen can boost productivity by 20 to 30% just by allowing you to keep multiple applications open across a larger space. Having a tablet as your second screen also gives you flexibility in how and where it is viewed. If you work with clients, a tablet can become a companion piece to your desktop so that they can easily see what’s on your screen without having to stand behind your desk. This protects sensitive information while giving your clients the visual aids they need to participate in the conversation. A tablet that you control from your desk can be an asset in communication and productivity.

Stay Connected When Out in the Field

Keeping in touch with the office when you’re out working in the field is vital. Sometimes quick decisions need to be made and the best way to do that is through a face to face conversation. Tablets like the NOOK that have both front and rear facing cameras are perfect for video chatting with coworkers so that they can see what you see. Face to face conversation also improves communication so that there is a much lower chance for misunderstanding. Nonverbal communication is vital to workplace relationships and to ensure that meaning is clear. The ability to see one another, even when one person is away from the office, can help ensure clear and efficient understanding. This is better than a phone call, and certainly faster than a long exchange of emails.

Continuing Education and Up-to-date Research on the Go

The ability to take continuing education courses while on the go is now a simple matter thanks to tablets. Streaming videos and reading material are all available at any time to keep up to date on the latest developments in your field, and any research that you need in order to better do your job. Easily monitoring new information and incorporating it into your knowledge base will improve your efficiency and your clout, as you can utilize this knowledge to help your business and your clients. With a small device that keeps you connected to the latest trends, you will be better able to be on the cutting edge of your business field and your career.