Augmented Reality Provides Window into the Past with Berlin Wall Time Traveler App
September 22, 2014 Augmented Reality

MUNICH AND BERLIN, September 22nd, 2014: To commemorate the fall of the Berlin Wall, Metaio and Timetraveler Augmented are proud to announce the Timetraveler application.

Using cutting-edge Augmented Reality (AR) technology, the history of the Berlin Wall can be experienced like never before. Users of the Timetraveler app can witness hidden film footage, reconstructions of long demolished sites, and explanatory tales of the division that the nation of Germany experienced in the shadow of the Berlin Wall.

The Time Traveler app turns any smartphone (Android & iOS) into a window to the past, providing a completely new way to dive into the history of Berlin.

The app guides the user through a GPS-based tour of eleven major historical sites along the Berlin Wall at the Berlin Wall Memorial on Bernauer Street. Once guided to the appropriate locations by GPS, the application switches to optical tracking mode where it recognizes sites and then displays stories of events that happened over five decades ago. Witness firsthand the dramatic escape of Frida Schulze from her apartment window, see the demolition of the Church of Reconciliation, and watch as the border guard Conrad Schuman jumps the barbed wire barrier between East and West Berlin. With smartphone in hand, anyone can now become an eyewitness to historical events right where they took place.

The Timetraveler App will be presented at InsideAR – the world’s leading Augmented Reality Conference – on October 29th/30th.

For more information and a video about the Timetraveler app, click here.

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