Apple CEO and User Privacy

Apple is putting an emphasis when it comes to user privacy. That sets it apart from other big players in the technology industry. Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO has come out with a new message which is meant for the users of  Apple products who might be worried now.

The message was probably prompted by the leak of photos over the internet which was supposed to have come from iCloud. The leak resulted in hundreds of nude photos of celebrities being leaked over the internet.

Cook assured their customers that security and safety is a fundamental part of the design of their hardware and software. They also assured their customers that they are designing their new services with security in mind and that they are making improvements with all the products.

The iCloud scandal unfolded just days before the launch of Apple Pay which is an payment system which is dependent on the ability of the company to protect the user’s credit card information. The scandal has resulted in Apple being criticized by security experts for lapses when it comes to security.

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