Skyhook Announces Context Accelerator

Skyhook Announces Context Accelerator: Actionable Context That Unlocks The Power Of Place For Apps, Publishers, Ad-tech, Devices And Developers To Deliver Personalized, Relevant And Dynamic Mobile Experiences

Skyhook Wireless®, a worldwide leader in location, today announced the launch of Context Accelerator: a new platform that combines Skyhook’s rich location data with active contextual information to enable customers to deliver targeted, relevant content and dynamic experiences to mobile users.

Skyhook’s first-party location network powers billions of verified positioning requests around the world on both the client and server side. Context Accelerator leverages over a decade of location experience to allow Skyhook’s customers to understand their users’ mobile behavior and interests in order to offer relevant real-world experiences while respecting user privacy. It features:

  • Infinite Geofences: Deploy and manage geofences around any number of brand locations or 2000+ venue categories using industry-standard IAB and Google AdWords™ taxonomies. Apps and publishers use Infinite Geofences to deliver more targeted mobile experiences in real-time and create or enhance revenue streams.
  • Personas: Creates anonymized views of users’ real-world behaviors and demographics. Apps, advertisers and publishers use Personas to deliver the most relevant content to drive further engagement and grow revenue.
  • Hyperlocal IP: Positions IP addresses with unmatched accuracy using ground-truth methodologies. Advertisers, apps and publishers use Hyperlocal IP to improve ad targeting, derive more value from impressions and increase conversions.
  • My.Skyhook: Provides a web-based interface for building, managing and analyzing Skyhook-powered projects. App developers and advertisers use My.Skyhook to manage and optimize the Context Accelerator and Precision Location features in their products.

“Skyhook exists to provide the fastest, most accurate and actionable location data on the planet,” said Jim Crowley, CEO of Skyhook. “As one of the few global first-party location providers, we are experts in helping businesses leverage our precise location and associated contextual information to connect with their customers on a deeper level and deliver more meaningful and relevant mobile experiences.”

Context Accelerator has proven successful for apps and ad-tech prior to launch. For example: a leading retail app with millions of users saw significant increase in user engagement metrics, including: a 2x lift in average session length, 57% growth in daily active users and 79% growth in sessions per day. A leading advertising platform is excited about 20% improvement in campaign performance.

“The next level of differentiation for apps is knowing where their users are and matching the experience they desire to have at that specific place and time,” said Mike Schneider, Skyhook’s Vice President of Marketing. “Context Accelerator powers that location-based intelligence and actionability. For instance, when the application is in in-store mode, finding product sales and paying is easier. And when the app is in at-home mode, it can be geared toward making lists, e-commerce or browsing.”

In addition to Context Accelerator, Skyhook offers Precision Location, the world’s fastest, most accurate latitude/longitude positioning for devices, wearables, internet-of-things and apps.

About Skyhook Wireless®
Skyhook Wireless is a worldwide leader in location. In 2003, Skyhook gathered the world’s Wi-Fi access points and combined them with GPS and cell tower locations to build a global, first-party network providing the fastest, most accurate and battery-friendly location results. Today, Skyhook handles billions of requests, powering location and context for devices, apps, publishers, ad-tech, wearables, media, mobile device management, digital rights management, device recovery and more. Skyhook Wireless is a wholly owned subsidiary of TruePosition, Inc., which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Liberty Media Corporation. To learn more about Skyhook, please visit