Orange Business Services to Provide Wireless Connectivity for Tesla Cars in France

Tesla Motors, the leader in premium electric cars, has chosen Orange Business Services, the enterprise division of global telecom operator Orange, to provide wireless connectivity to its fleet of Tesla Model S vehicles in France. Tesla Motors and Orange Business Services will offer Model S owners in France a truly connected car experience, enabled by Orange’s high-quality mobile connectivity.

“Tesla is a world renowned brand, and we are thrilled to be their trusted partner as they enter the French market”


Through its Smart Cities & Territories program launched in 2011, Orange Business Services is a strong supporter of sustainable transportation. Driven by both environmental and social trends, electric and connected cars are becoming an increasingly accessible and desired means of transport. Not only do drivers and passengers want safer and cleaner cars, but they want on-demand access to infotainment and navigation services.

Thanks to the Orange mobile networks and SIM cards, Tesla will be able to offer their French customers interactive navigation services, Internet radio and web browsing, as well as provide seamless remote diagnostics and over-the-air updates of M2M software. With the best innovation in cars and communication, customers will benefit today from the car of the future.

Jerome Guillen, Tesla’s Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Service, said: “We are excited to bring the connected Model S to our French customers. An excellent customer experience is paramount, and we know this is possible through the quality of the Orange mobile network and the company’s constant pursuit of innovation.”

“Tesla is a world renowned brand, and we are thrilled to be their trusted partner as they enter the French market,” said Pascal Ancian, Vice President Mobile, France & International, Orange Business Services. “We look forward to innovating side-by-side with Tesla to enrich the connected car experience for all consumers.”

About Tesla

Tesla Motors is the leading manufacturer of electric vehicles and power train components. Tesla’s goal is to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable transport.

About Orange Business Services

Orange Business Services, the Orange branch dedicated to B2B services, is a leading global integrator of communications solutions for multinational corporations. With the world’s largest, seamless network for voice and data, Orange Business Services reaches 220 countries and territories with local support in more than 160. Offering a comprehensive package of communication services covering cloud computing, enterprise mobility, M2M, security, unified communications, videoconferencing, and broadband, Orange Business Services delivers a best-in-class customer experience across a global landscape. Thousands of enterprise customers and 1.4 million mobile data users rely on an Orange Business Services international platform for communicating and conducting business. Orange Business Services was awarded four of the telecom industry’s highest accolades at the annual World Communication Awards 2013 – Best Global Operator, Best Cloud Service, Best Enterprise Service and Best Small Business Service. Orange Business Services is the only seven-time winner of Best Global Operator. Learn more at or follow us on LinkedIn, Twitteror Facebook.