InsideAR: The World’s Biggest Augmented Reality Conference Is Going to Take Place in Munich on 29th & 30th of October

Munich, 17th Oct. 2014: Metaio, the world-leading Augmented Reality technology provider invites you to the 8th InsideAR Conference in Munich. On the 29th & 30th of October more than 1,000 attendees and over 35 speakers from 28 different countries will discuss both the current state and the future of AR and computer vision technologies.

How can we teach mobile sensors to understand the world and interact with it? How will the ‘Internet of Things’ be combined with smart devices to improve our everyday lives? When will smart homes and intelligent factories become a reality? And how can privacy and data be protected in a world of “always on” computer vision devices?

These questions shape this year’s main topics of InsideAR: Wearable computing, sensors including the newest 3D-Optics, Augmented Reality applications for enterprise, medicine, culture and education as well as Industry 4.0. Visitors can get information on all things AR in exciting keynotes, panel discussions, workshops, and even at our largest exhibition space to date.


Dr. Thomas Alt and Peter Meier (Metaio Keynote): “Augmented Reality 2014: Teaching Devices to understand Reality” from our Co-founders Tim Last (Grand Visual) – “The Pepsi Max Unbelievable Bus Shelter – AR in Advertising” Eric Krzeslo (Softkinetic) – “Why VR needs 3D vision technology” Martin Vesper (digitalSTROM) – “Connectivity Means Change: AR and the Smart Home” Neil Trevett (NVIDIA and Khronos Group): “Bringing Spatial Awareness to Mobile AR – Google Project Tango and Advances in Mobile Sensing” Andrew Wise (Engine Creative – Tesco Discover AR platform): “Tesco Discover: AR publishing for brands” Dirk Schlesinger (Cisco): “Internet of (Every-) Thing – Enabler for Smart Factories and Stepping Stone for Future Innovation” Annette Zimmermann (Gartner Research): “Wearables Enable New Business Opportunities” IKEA Catalog App 2015 – “Place Virtual Furniture into your Room” Dr. Stephan Erlenkämper (Mayersche Buchhandlung) – “Augmented Retailing in Local Bookstores – Scan it, snap it, shop it”
You will be able to test the BMW INNOVATION LIVE app with Google Glass on the brand new BMW i8 supercar. Visions of the future alongside Metaio Thermal Touch will also be demoed live on site. You can even draw yourself a fresh beer at our AR Brewery! Get more information on what to expect at our InsideAR website. Tickets can be purchased here. If you want to have a look at the finalized program, you can find it here.

Check out the best of last year’s InsideAR on YouTube.

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