NAVITEL announces the launch of a new software product – Navitel.Monitoring
October 28, 2014 navigation

NAVITEL®, one of the leader in the navigation system market in the EMEA, offers a latest and technologically most advanced commercial solution in the field of transport telematics. Navitel.Monitoring system allows you to determine exact coordinates of a motor vehicle online and to monitor the trajectory of its movement and other important parameters, such as the number of kilometres driven, the vehicle’s speed, its fuel consumption and the driving direction.

Main advantages of the monitoring system produced by NAVITEL®:

  • – The most detailed map in the market, the vendor’s extensive experience in the field of cartography technologies.
  • – Integrated with Navitel Navigator, the most popular navigation system.
  • – Comfortable user interface, many useful functions and details for easier work with the system.
  • – Fault-free functioning of the system’s server.
  • – Technical support.
  • – Automatic update when a new version is released.

With Navitel.Monitoring, you can create detailed reports with more than twenty parameters for any object, save these reports for later analysis in the form of CSV, XLS and PDF files, monitor events in real time and log the findings in an event diary. The system allows you to create routes, check geographical zones while the vehicle is driving and set the messages to be sent via SMS or to an email addresses. Furthermore, you can control the vehicle’s speed with the monitoring system and keep records of its real and nominal fuel consumption, as well as carry out many other tasks. The system presents all data in the form of handy and easy-to-understand graphs.

The Navitel.Monitoring system has already been used in the products of such manufacturers as Arnavi, AutoFon, GlobalSat, Storozh, GoSafe, Magnum, Signal, Teltonika, Omnicomm, ADM, Std, Galileo, Ruptela, Stabliner and BiTrek. The system can be integrated into any other device per client’s request.

About NAVITEL company:

NAVITEL – is a leading navigation solution provider for automotive navigation industries, specialized in development and production of satellite navigation software and cartography. Navitel Navigator is running on Android, Symbian, Windows Mobile, iPhone, iPad, Bada, Java, Windows CE platforms with outstanding 3D graphics and real-time traffic service. The latest and the most accurate digital navigation maps of CIS, Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America.  
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