Simplify Enterprise Communication with Video Conferencing

Enterprise communications have significantly helped corporations stay connected with their employees as well as maintain a connection with clients. Most of these are cloud-based now, giving people the ability to access documents or any important information seamlessly from wherever they are in the world. This is incredible and saves money for many. It can also help save time, as no one will need to email someone documentation continually for a certain project.

Simplify Enterprise Communication with Video Conferencing

Simplify Enterprise Communication with Video Conferencing (Image Credit:

While this is great, one thing that enterprise communications lacks is the ability to have meetings all around the world. Lately, video conferencing has taken off, helping to improve businesses, and it is now a great way to simplify the enterprise communication process. Let’s look at just how video conferencing can simplify your meetings

  1. You Will Have Everything in a Central Location

Because companies already have all of their documents and knowledge in cloud storage, video conferencing helps to keep everything in a central location. This makes it easier for someone to access documents quickly during an online meeting. If this were to happen at an in-person meeting, many people would have to return to their desks to look up the information. This can take away important time that could otherwise be spent discussing better methods for a project or learning more about what is needed.

  1. Utilize Software that Works with Various Video Programs

There are several different forms of software out there, with some only working with specific hardware and programming. However, there are other video conferencing tools out there that can sync up beautifully with existing video programs. This can make it easier for coworkers to communicate with each other in meetings or by providing great video coverage for client meetings. Software such as Blue Jeans video conferencing can help simplify the whole enterprise communication by adding easy to integrate video conferencing to the mix.

  1. You Can Meet with Clients from Your Office

While enterprise communications give you the ability to share files and documents with clients, many programs are limited by the inability to meet with them. According to Network World, when you add a video conferencing tool to this system, you will be able to stay in-office and meet with clients. This will help you to find out what they need and want, instead of flying to the client’s location. It can also help the client out by not having them fly to your office either, which will be a great business move on both sides. This also gives clients the ability to email your business and ask for a meeting, getting it much quicker through video conferencing than waiting several weeks for an on-site visit.

  1. You Will Save Significant Money

The main reason businesses love utilizing the various methods of enterprise communication is that it saves money when it comes to office supplies. However, if video conferencing is not part of the system, travel can and will be a large drain on a company’s budget. According to Video Conferencing Advice, video conferencing helps to simplify enterprise communications by allowing people to meet over a video program and meet as mentioned in point three. This will save money for the company, the client, and all employees as some can telecommute on various days. Travel, no matter if it is driving or flying, is increasingly expensive. Add a video conference program to your enterprise communications to help your budget not feel as strained when travel is part of it.

  1. Cloud Technology and Video Conferencing Help Acquire New Business

Due to the advancement with cloud technology, businesses can use their enterprise communications easily and quickly. According to Forbes, by utilizing cloud technology, which includes enterprise communications and video conferencing, large or small businesses can save money. This helps them venture into new business, therefore growing their company. This will help save time and get new products tested and up and running in a shorter period than if businesses did not use these various forms of technology.

  1. Limitless People Can Watch the Meeting

While many video conferences only allow a certain amount of people to join in on the call, the video can be live streamed to others who cannot join. This makes it easy for multiple clients to tune into a meeting or for managers in the company to see the progress of a certain task. It can also help when businesses want to promote various help and encouragement for their employee base. Not only can limitless people watch the meeting, but you can also record the meeting to show to clients, managers, or other employees later on, if they could not watch it live.


In Closing

As you can see, video conferencing can help simplify and improve your existing enterprise communications, especially if it is cloud-based. Look into getting a great program that can help improve your meetings and company all at once.