A World Renowned Inventor Develops a New Smartphone Application
November 19, 2014 Business

Patented Biosensor Wearable Technology Provides a More Civilized Method of Quarantine A World Renowned Inventor Develops a New Smartphone Application

NEW YORK, Nov. 19, 2014 — Earlier this year Donald Spector, Chairman of the Board at New York College, and one of the most prolific inventors in the world, got a patent for biosensor signals that are transmitted from Smartphones to third party agencies. Spector envisioned this technology even before there were Smartphones and has one of the earliest known patents in this area. Now major technology companies are discussing its usage in the military, child care, elder care and hospital applications. This technology has drawn interest from many universities and corporations that are looking into expanding it.

Lisa Pamintuan, President of New York College of Health Professions says, “Spector has donated under the intellectual properties policy of the College, the biosensor patent, as well has many others, giving us a world class portfolio. Spector and his wife, Marion Spector, Director of Nursing for Staff  Development, Bellevue Hospital in New York City, realized that in addition to the biosensors initial capabilities, it could also protect the public and enable them to live with some degree of normalcy during forced quarantine during any public health epidemic.  Through the patent, the smartphone, which retransmits information including temperature, GPS and other vital signs, could be transmitted to a monitoring board for quarantine just by having the person wear an article of clothing or an accessory.”

While medical and computer technologies have become specialties of Mr. Spector’s companies, he has a diversified background of inventing and an ever-expanding portfolio of patents. He has been responsible in the past for launching several billion dollar industries with products including the Muscle Worker from AMF, the first hydraulic exerciser; the first hyperbaric chamber for seeds; the first electronic air fresheners, for which Bristol-Myers Squibb created a separate division; and the first location based advertising patents, the foundation behind the super app Poynt. Mr. Spector invented and holds patents for hundreds of other products in fields as broad and varied as toys, clothing, crafts, footwear, beverage systems, candy and entertainment, as well as technologies in the fields of medicine, security systems, telecommunications and computers.

Recently, New York College of Health Professions set up MOU’s with Wake Forest Innovations, the commercialization enterprise of Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center and Wake Forest University, as well as New York Medical College, part of the Touro University System, for an Applied Research Consortium. “Discussions are underway with other universities and major corporations for the expansion of the technologies of the College as well as this new technology,” says Pamintuan.

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SOURCE New York College of Health Professions

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