hereO Watch to be a Game-Changer in Child Safety Technology and How Today’s Families Stay Connected

hereO®, World’s Smallest and Most Advanced Cellular GPS Watch For Kids, To Be Unveiled At The 2015 International CES

hereO®, the world’s smallest and most advanced cellular GPS watch for kids, will be officially unveiled at the 2015 International CES® in Las Vegas, Nev. January 6 – 9, 2015.  Designed for kids age three and up, the hereO® watch works in sync with an easy-to-use mobile app to provide real-time location sharing, safe-zone alerts, and group messaging, allowing parents to monitor their children’s safety and whereabouts at all times directly on their mobile phones or desktop computers.

The hereO® watch is 100% tailor-made for kids. The engineers at hereO® miniaturized components to make the watch fit children’s wrists.  It comes in a variety of bright and colorful water resistant designs that kids love.  The hereO® Family App for smartphones/tablets (iOS & Android) and desktops provides real-time location information on all family members and loved ones, plus location history, live-updates, panic alerts, safe-zone definition, and more.

“CES is a crucible of amazing minds, emerging ideas, and groundbreaking new technology; it’s the Mecca for today’s most inspired innovators,” said hereO® Co-Founder & President Daniel Ivesha. “After three years of developing and perfecting our prototype, we couldn’t think of a better place to debut hereO®, the world’s smallest cellular-connected GPS tracking watch for kids, which we believe is not only a game-changer in child safety technology but in the way families stay connected.”

The hereO® watch will be unveiled at CES 2015 in Las Vegas, Nev. January 6 – 9, 2015.   Please be sure to visit hereO® at booth #74545 (Tech West: Sands Expo at The Venetian).  More information on hereO® can be found below.

hereO® GPS watch features include the following:

  • hereO LOCATION: Parents can locate their child anytime, anywhere. Historical locations are also available so parents can track where their child have been throughout the day.
  • Wi-Fi ENABLED: Wi-Fi allows indoor tracking whenever an indoor map is available. When indoor mapping is unavailable, an indoor confirmation will be sent to the parent’s smartphone.
  • SAFE-ZONE ALERTS: Parents can create Safe Zones for frequently visited areas (kindergarten, office, etc.) and are notified when their child arrives or departs from that location.
  • PANIC ALERT: In case of an emergency, children can use their hereO® watch to send a panic alert that immediately notifies family members of their location.
  • TAMPER ALERT: Parents receive an alert when any authorized person tries to remove the watch.
  • EMERGENCY TRACKING: In emergency situations, parents can turn on real-time tracking to facilitate locating the child.
  • TIME DISPLAY: Time is displayed on a beautiful e-ink display.
  • USB charger: Built-in USB connector allows portable charging. Simply plug the hereO® watch into any USB port to charge and to get firmware updates.
  • LONG BATTERY LIFE: With our standby mode, the hereO® watch can last up to 60 hours.
  • BUILT-IN SIM: Each hereO® watch is equipped with a built-in SIM card that works in over 120 countries, making it the perfect travel companion.

The hereO® watch retails for $179, which includes a three month subscription to the hereO® Family App.  Thereafter, a monthly fee of $4.95 applies.  The company is currently accepting pre-orders at

About hereO®
Founded in 2011, hereO® is the first complete end-to-end family location service. The hereO® GPS watch is the world’s smallest real-time GPS tracking device created specifically for children three years and up; the hereO® family location app works in sync with the watch and works as a standalone location-sharing app for the entire family. For more information on hereO®, please visit or connect with us on social media: FacebookTwitter and Google+.