DSTRUX Launches Self-Destructing Social Networking Control Feature
February 5, 2015 Press

Now Share Information Socially Without It Residing Online Forever


NEW YORK, February 5, 2015  — DSTRUX, creator of the self-destructing file-sharing platform that has revolutionized the way information is exchanged and controlled online, announced today that its program now extends to impact social networking platforms. Any message, photo or file shared on a social network can now self-destruct on command and may be posted without the fear that it will remain on the Internet permanently.

“Until now, anything shared on a social networking platform resides on the Internet forever in some way,” says CEO and Founder of DSTRUX, Nathan Hecht. “With DSTRUX, users can choose to share a message, photo or file on any social network via your desktop, iOS or Android device and know confidently that it cannot be retrieved post-deletion because it was permanently erased from the Internet.”

Hecht adds, “It basically comes down to ownership. Do you own your content or does the social network? Up until today,

the social network had exclusive rights to your files and the way they are archived online. DSTRUX lets the user maintain ownership of their content for as long as they want it to be viewed.”

Until now, everything shared online, especially on social media, remains there forever. Messages and photos are

re-shared, dug up from the past and float around cyberspace without any way of taking them back. With DSTRUX’s generated self-destructing link, users can finally share photos and messages on social media networks including Facebook

and Twitter without that feeling of regret that it will reside on the Internet. Now, once that photo or message is revealed, DSTRUX will prevent and detect screen capture, downloading, copying, printing or altering in any way. Upon self-destruction that message can never be retrieved and is deleted from the Internet completely.

DSTRUX’s social media self-destructing feature is available on desktops, iOS and Android devices. To sign up or to learn

more about the DSTRUX self-destructing social media links, visit


Nathan Hecht and his specialized team of engineers from the IDF’s famed Unit 8200 founded DSTRUX in April 2014. DSTRUX is a cloud-based system that enables users to control the viewing of messages and content online even

after hitting “send.” DSTRUX is the safest way to ensure the security of personal or private information that you share over the Internet because the viewer will never be able to hold on to the data or copy a document before its

shredded for good. DSTRUX is also the first platform that gives time limits for the recipient that will self-destruct and also prevent and detect printing, copying, forwarding or screenshots without the sender’s permission. For more

information, please visit

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