AccuWeather Network Meets Viewer Demand for “All Weather, All the Time” with No Fluff

New AccuWeather Network responds to viewers looking for a smarter choice with more focused 24/7 weather programming.

AccuWeather Global Weather Center –March 31, 2015 –AccuWeather, Inc., the global leader in weather information and digital media, created a media sensation with the launch the AccuWeather Network — the only “All Weather, All the Time” HD source for 24/7 weather broadcasts.  AccuWeather’s trusted, personalized approach to severe weather alerts, relevant weather news, and forecasts with Superior Accuracy™ gives millions of households smarter weather programming without the distracting and needless fluff of reality TV shows.
The AccuWeather Network focuses on local weather and also features national and regional weather of interest provided in context, reporting on top weather news and applying it to peoples’ lives.  Topics include safety, lifestyle, health, travel, business, and more. The new network is unique to customers in that it is dedicated to helping viewers effectively “follow the stories” that most affect them, covering the most important weather updates and their impacts.
While other weather channels decide when viewers want entertainment instead of weather forecasts, AccuWeather meets the high consumer demand for a better alternative that provides “all weather, all the time” with weather news and information that viewers trust. There is no sitting around hoping a weather channel won’t break into long, limited-interest programming about “fat guys in the woods” or “highway through hell” — AccuWeather Network has weather on 24/7.
Barry Lee Myers, CEO of AccuWeather, said in a recent interview with the Washington Post, “In 168 hours each week, the amount of programming they have devoted to real weather is really small. People need to judge what that means.”
Myers also recently said, “With more and more people working or active in the evening and overnight, providing updated weather at all hours and throughout the weekend is a radical departure from the repetitive filler that The Weather Channel offers.”
The response to the AccuWeather Network, now available on Verizon FiOS, its all-weather approach has been phenomenal. A few examples of responses are below:

  • Weather never stops, and neither does AccuWeather! — @DAXTalk, Twitter
  • TWC ventured too far away from WEATHER! I welcome having WEATHER when I want it! — Todd B., Facebook
  • I’ve been an AccuWeather user for a very long time and Superior Accuracy correct! — @CatskillWeatherGuy, Twitter
  • YES it’s about time!!! I’ve been asking for this for a while…glad it is finally here!! — Tom K., Facebook
  • Tuned in Accuweather today. They were doing (gasp) the weather! Not a prospector or fat guy in the woods to be seen! Ta-ta, TWC! – Vincent M., Facebook
  • Impressed with the entire team @RealJonPorter @AccuMancuso @accuweather Maps are clear & concise, & I can get forecast 24/7 —  @L3nny85, Twitter

“The fantastic viewer response to the AccuWeather Network shows that people are ready for a better, more focused option in weather programming,” said Dr. Joel N. Myers, Founder, President, and Chairman of AccuWeather.  “AccuWeather has over 50 years of proven weather leadership and expertise, providing the most accurate forecasts and personalized all-weather content that viewers want, exclusively from AccuWeather.”
Barry Lee Myers added, “The AccuWeather Network is new, clear, and crisp, designed to tell people the forecast – what their weather will do so that people can act and react. It is a new, vibrant concept in this digital age.  We believe the louder The Weather Channel objects to the new network, the more people will want to see what this new AccuWeather phenomenon is all about.”
The linear HD channel uses the latest presentation technology and complements AccuWeather’s expansive, global multi-platform reach across web and mobile. It is being rolled out in phases and will continue to evolve with even more exciting, informative, and localized programming.
Additionally, as AccuWeather Network uses new technology that allows the network to be specifically targeted to each market, advertising will be more targeted and relevant to viewers, making the value to consumers and advertisers greater than any other weather channel.
To learn more about the 24/7 AccuWeather Network, visit AccuWeather information, videos, and updates remain available globally at web and mobile web sites.


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Every day over a billion people worldwide rely on AccuWeather to help them plan their lives, protect their businesses, and get more from their day. AccuWeather provides hourly and Minute by Minute™ forecasts with Superior Accuracy™ with customized content and engaging video presentations available on smart phones, tablets, free wired and mobile Internet sites, connected TVs, and Internet appliances, as well as via radio, television, and newspapers. Founded in 1962 by Dr. Joel N. Myers – a Fellow of the American Meteorological Society who was recognized as one of the top entrepreneurs in American history by Entrepreneur Magazine’s Encyclopedia of Entrepreneurs – AccuWeather also delivers a wide range of highly-customized enterprise solutions to media, business, government, and institutions, as well as news, weather content, and video for more than 180,000 third-party websites. AccuWeather’s CEO, Barry Lee Myers, is an award winning leader in global weather information issues and one of the world’s most recognized advocates for cooperative relationships between government weather agencies and the weather industry. He is a leader in the digital weather information space